Intimate Portraits – That Anglo Connection

Intimate Portraits is a series of performances by largely Amsterdam-based dance artists from different communities,  presented by Stichting KunstenDialoog. Their choreographies reflect on a variety of subjects, sometimes personal, sometimes political, sometimes thematic. Each evening ends with a short interview with the performers. ‘That Anglo Connection’ refers to the longstanding exchange in the dance world between North America and The Netherlands. This evening, Evan Schwarz, originally from Los Angeles, will dance a duet with fellow Juilliard graduate Reina Trifunovic. Ellie Bishop, hailing from British Columbia in Canada will dance her humorous and pathos-full solo ‘I Just Want to Make You Happy

All is as all as as yet or as yet – Dance and choreography by Evan Schwarz and Reina Trifunovic

Taking inspiration from Gertrude Stein’s famous poem, “If I Told Him: A Completed Portrait of Picasso”, the dance work ‘all is as all as as yet or as yet’ follows two characters as they explore the boundaries within their relationship. Moving between moments of playfulness, earnestness and oddities, the dancers move in and out of eachothers territories, constantly challenging one another to change their perspective.

I just want to make you happy –  Dance and choreography by Ellie Bishop.

She is juggling too much. She just wants you to be comfortable. She is SUCH a good friend. She is a nervous wreck. She cares too much, tries too hard, and I think she lives within many of us. A people pleaser until it’s painful, this character was born during the pandemic in an attempt to personify the Norwegian word ‘Pålegg’, meaning “anything you can have on a slice of bread”.


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