Exhibition ‘Pieces for peace’

‘Pieces for peace’ is a group exhibition of international artists; bringing together their visions of peace. The artists come from different cultures and nations, but all share the dream of peace and harmony for the world. The artists are community members of Makers Unite, an organization based in De Hallen that focuses on newcomers in the Netherlands.

The exhibition invites viewers to reflect on their pieces of peace within themselves. Recognizing that we are all part of the bigger puzzle. Our unique personalities and visual styles create the beauty of the world. On your path, consider how much and what type of footsteps you like to leave behind, what type of energy you like to radiate outwards and how you like to contribute to the dream. Everything starts with just one piece, by putting them all in the right place we together can create a masterpiece and call it home.


– Olga Ottenheijm – Ukraine – honoring Ukraine

– Savalan Ghodsi – Iran – Tiles with pictures

– Darly Alvarez – Colombia – Cyanotype

– Santa Simule – Latvia – Dot paintings


About the artists

Olga Ottenheijm is from Kharkiv (Ukraine). She graduated from Kharkiv State Academy of Design and Arts as a graphic designer. After graduation, she taught graphic design for two years at the same institute. She participated in more than hundred exhibitions and festivals in Austria, Czech Republic, Denmark, Germany, Italy, France, Mexico, Poland, Slovenia, USA, Russia and Ukraine and had solo exhibitions in Kharkiv, Berlin, Kyiv, The Hague. She was also part of Paris Design Week 2019. She invented the Power Of Color project; Part of the project is a series of four posters that explore the power of edge contrast and the interplay of color.


“I try to follow the rule of “KISS”. Keep It Simple Stupid.”

Savalan from Tabriz (Iran) currently lives in Amsterdam and works as a freelance artist. What he enjoys the most is working together with other artists, he loves keeping things simple both in his personal life and his projects.

“Life is an adventure, as long as I’m alive, I will explore”. He graduated from Istanbul University fine arts department in 2015, and has collaborated with numerous brands and companies ever since. His skills range from Website UI designing, corporate identity designing, T-shirt designing, 2D animations, editing and macro photography. He speaks Turkish, Azeri, Farsi, English and is now busy learning Dutch. One of his dreams is to win awards with his short animation projects at festivals, and another one is that his free games are downloaded over one million times in app stores.


“The arts helped me to claim my right to belong and share it with others.”

Darly Alvarez is from Colombia and has been living in the Netherlands since 2016. She has a background in fine arts and fashion design. She experienced a big change in all senses when she moved to the Netherlands. Art was the biggest part of the puzzle which kept her going through the integration process. Her artwork is based on different techniques like drawing, printing, cyanotypes and ceramics. Currently she uses nature as the main source for her arts. Cyanotype is a tool she uses in a way to disconnect in terms of time and reconnect in terms of observation and awareness of the most simple nature that surrounds her.”When I’m in the creative process, even as simple as can be, I am allowed to re-interpret forms and textures in a personal way. It is freedom in the most pure form.”


“Art is a verb, authentic self. It calls to be recognized, embodied and lived.”

Santa is from Latvia. After receiving a diploma in applied fine arts from a local art school in Valka, she continued her education at the Baltic International Institute in Riga. Here she studied advertisement design. She also spent a year in Athens (Greece) as an exchange student in the graphic design faculty. After graduation, she went on a self-discovery journey. It brought her to try out many different artistic and self-growth practices. While on her path she received a diploma in arts and crafts from an art institute in New Delhi (India). Now she studies preventative art therapy and neurographic arts. Going deeper into understanding the healing properties of creative expressions and sharing with others what she has learnt from her experiences.


De Passage

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