Square Eight’s Vintage Pop Up

Square Eight’s Vintage Kilo Pop Up is a large vintage pop-up shop that travels from city to city, to delight vintage-lovers with an extensive collection of second-hand clothing.

Vintage and second-hand clothing is currently popular by all ages. The unique items helps you to create your own style. And there is a growing group that consciously buys second-hand clothing. They find it important to buy sustainable clothing, because there is to much clothing in the world.

After all, the clothing industry is the second most polluting industry in the world. For example, you can score a 80’s blouse with a great print for 3.50 euros, or that cool mom jeans for only 9.00 euros.
But also brands from the 80s to 2000, such as a cool worker from Carhartt or a trendy polo from Ralph Lauren.
The racks will be replenish throughout the day.

Don’t want to miss out? Make sure to claim your spot by buying a ticket for a ‘Walk In’ time of your choice.  Due to the Covid measures, there are limited places available. A ticket costs 3 euros and you also get a tote bag.

De Hallen Studio’s

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