World Wide Jazz in West: Joe Powers & Mark Wyman

For over a decade harmonica virtuoso Joe Powers has performed at concerts, festivals, and milongas around the world, from Paris to Tokyo, collaborating with renowned Tango maestros, orquestas, and Electro-Tango fusion bands like Otros Aires, Tanghetto and Narcotango.

Pianist Mark Wyman has a very broad musical experience, from classical to punk, from pop to avant-garde, playing anything with keys or knobs, piano, organ, accordion, and many different synths. He has performed solo, and with numerous groups across the entire musical spectrum.

They will be joined by double bassist Boris Franz

The duo will play traditional Argentine Tango, Nuevo Tango/Piazzolla, and original compositions such as:

Libertango – Astor Piazzolla
Tannti Anni Prima – Astor Piazzolla
Milonga Triste – Homero Manzi/Sebastián Piana
Quejas de Bandoneón – Juan de Dios Filiberto
Tango Negro – Juan Carlos Cáceres
Bring your Tango dance shoes too!


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