Language Market West

Friday June 10th the ‘Language Market West’ will take place in the Passage of De Hallen Amsterdam. During the market we are ‘Playing with Language’ to bring non-native speakers from Amsterdam West, who would love to brush up on their Dutch, together with (potential) language buddies in a playful way.

During the market we will literally play with language. At every market stand you will find a language provider with a well-known language game, think of Scrabble,  Boggle and even Karaoke! All games together form a course that you can complete alone or together. At the end of the ride, each participant will receive a playful language prize.

Think of it a playful start of the weekend, but then (also) together with fellow residents who happened to have grown up somewhere else in the world. They are also eager to learn to play with the Dutch language. And learning together often goes just that little bit faster by playing together!

All fans of our beautiful language are welcome! Sign up in advance via Or come by on Friday afternoon June 10th from 03:00 PM!

De Passage

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