Intimate Portraits: Madness

Tappin-It Collective: VOETEN! and LOCO!
Tappin-It Collective is a dance company from Amsterdam consisting of Doortje Peters, Robin Lie and Marnix Lenselink. Since its foundation in 2015, they have created the productions NOSTALGIA !, Frankie Wants to Play, LOCO! and VOETEN! They played at Delft Fringe, Hongerige Wolf, TapasTheater Amsterdam and more places. They also worked together in various music, film and performance projects.

Our feet can dance, stink, run, jump, stamp through the rain, make love, kick life. Our feet have a hard time, they carry us from place to place all day long. With our feet we walk a path through all the events we call life. From start to finish we are pushed by the ticking time. Two pairs of feet meet in this everyday chaos. However different their life paths may seem, they must go in the same direction. But when and why does this whole puppet show of life eventually end? VOETEN! is a poetic and rhythmic performance about the passage of time and moving yourself through that time. About being young and old and everything in between, depicted in ‘the life of a foot’. In a combination of object theater, tap and percussion, Tappin-It Collective takes you on a visual and humorous journey through their foot puppet cabinet.

Duration: 25 minutes
Dancers: Robin Lie and Doortje Peters
Director: Michael Helmerhorst
Age: 4+
Genre: object theater, dance, rhythm

LOCO! is an explosive dance performance about barely controllable neuroses and complete madness. Two tap dancers discharge their excess energy in inappropriate rhythms and go on a quest through the many definitions of madness and the absurdity of everyday rituals. A unique combination of modern tap, percussion and movement theater.

Duration: 30 minutes
Dancers: Doortje Peters, Robin Lie
Director: Michael Helmerhorst
Genre: dance, rhythm, mime

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