Group show ‘My Valentine’

On February 1, the group exhibition ‘My Valentine’ will open. Sixteen contemporary fashion illustrators and artists have been selected for this show. From established artists to new talent, Dutch artists and abroad. From all the original artworks exhibited at the gallery there will be Limited Edition art prints available via the online gallery shop.

The Dutch artists Piet Paris, Astrid X Vos, Margot van Huijkelom, Sjoukje Bierma, Julian Stips, Roxy van Bemmel, Soraya Basiran, Antonia, Daphne Bleeker, Willemien Ebbinge, Mylo Freeman, Charlotte Greeven, Ger-Jan de Gilde and Mary B. are showing their Valentines artworks. The new talents Joanna Layla from London and Annie Naranian from Canada will show their work in the Netherlands for the first time.

Searching for an Art gift for your loved one? The weekend of February 12 & 13 the gallery will be transformed into a place full of love and art!

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