Exhibition ‘The artist is running’

Ingrid Greijn makes large format pen drawings which she calls Documented Tracks. Being imaginings of her daily running routes.

Ingrid Greijn runs to stay mentally fit, she can’t do without running: “If I don’t exercise, I’m not doing well.” She completed the marathon of Rotterdam seven times and is training for the New York Marathon.

‘The artist is running’ shows various tracks from the period 2004 to 2021. The fine lines which she draws with a dip pen, create a field of tension with the large format of the to works. The landscape drawings are visual representations of the courses she runs at home and abroad. She takes pictures of the routes and then translates them into an abstract interplay of lines. A selection of photos can also be seen in this exhibition as

animation on the screens. Ingrid Greijn is winner of the Beeldend Gesproken Art Prize 2014 and graduated from the HKU fine arts. Artist talk and  interactive performance Slow Walk by Ingrid Greijn: March 6th at 2 pm

Finissage March 27th at 3 pm at Beeldend Gesproken. Both events are free and take place in the gallery of Beeldend Gesproken.

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