Exhibition NO MUD | NO LOTUS

Sanna Martha [1979, Alphen aan den Rijn] is an artist who also worked for a long time in a mental health institution for young people with psychosis sensitivity.

Sanna Martha’s work is about inner transformation. This exhibition shows recent works made during a period of profound disruption. In two years Martha lost everything she loved; her marriage, her family, her job, her home, her health, and her mind.

During this period, Martha experienced the disruption as a force that was driven by something outside herself: ‘There is a limit to human makeability. To a certain extent you can go against your own nature and keep going beyond your limits, but at some point life calls you to order. First with a poke and if you don’t listen, with a sledgehammer blow.’

The exhibition shows photos of works on textiles. And also photos of plants and flowers that Sanna Martha decompose and then puts back together. There is also an interactive section where visitors are invited to contribute ideas and write about major changes in their lives.

Opening: Friday 18 November 5-7pm

Meet & Greet with Sanna Martha: Sunday 11 December 3-5pm

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