Exhibition ‘I’m Perfectly Fine, original artwork’

BEELDEND GESPROKEN 12:00 until 18:00 Saturday 02 September 2023 t/m Sunday 01 October 2023

I’m Perfectly Fine, original artwork – Maaike Hartjes

Exhibition September 2 to October 1, 2023 at Beeldend Gesproken Studio. In this exhibition, comic strip maker and art director Maaike Hartjes gives you a look behind the scenes of her animated film I’m Perfectly Fine. The film tells the autobiographical story of an illustrator who gets burned out. When Maaike Hartjes ended up in a burnout, she started keeping a diary. With her simple but expressive drawn puppets she describes the ups and downs of this difficult period in her life.


The animated film I’m Perfectly Fine, is based on this Burn-out diary and will premiere at the Netherlands Film Festival in September. Hartjes worked intensively on the film as an art director; she made all the character designs and designed the backgrounds in the same collage style as her diary. These new and original drawings can be seen and purchased at Beeldend Gesproken Studio throughout September.

I’m Perfectly Fine, original artworkMaaike Hartjes

Opening Saturday, September 2, 2-4pm, opening words by Esther Vossen, director of Beeldend Gesproken and Maaike Hartjes, illustrator and art director I’m Perfectly Fine.

Finissage and book signing by Maaike Hartjes
Sept 30 4-6pm

‘I’m Perfectly Fine’ was produced by Studio Pupil, Vivi Film and Submarine, and made by director Dario van Vree and illustrator and art director Maaike Hartjes. Hartjes (1972, Amsterdam) has ten comic books to her name and in 2016 received the Stripschapprijs for her entire oeuvre.

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