Expositie ‘Heeft het met natuur te maken’

In this interdisciplinary project, artist Rick Paauw and choreographer and dancer Charlotte Mathiessen investigate how their work connects to nature. They are inspired by natural patterns and processes in which they make a connection with nature visible in form and movement. In their long-term collaboration, Paauw and Mathiessen are looking for a common language. The objects, drawings, images and dance performances resulting from the research can be seen in this exhibition.

Rick Paauw depicts the body in an abstract way, interwoven with organic forms and structures such as in rocks, branches and leaves. His work often shows images in which one or more bodies are in a process of transformation.

Transformation is also a core concept in the work of Charlotte Mathiessen. As a choreographer and performer her focus is on movements with which she expresses organic change. She sees the body as a poetic object that appeals to the viewer’s imagination.

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