Exhibition ‘COMING HOME’

by Anne van Zantwijk

It’s the summer of 2018. Rover (Ro) is 28 years old and identifies as non-binary: the grey area of the in-between where Ro found his home. However, in a world in which we all seem obligated to fit into binary categories, Ro finds more comfort in being called ‘he’ than ‘she’. In just a few months, Ro will say goodbye to a part of his femininity to embrace a newfound physical masculinity. Just one letter from the hospital has started a process of transition that will change his appearance and his life forever.

A point of no return which had to be captured in images, whereas words would have fallen short when describing the friction between the feminine and the masculine, weaknesses and strengths, insecurity and confidence.
It’s the summer of 2020. Same place, different angle. Same person, new perspective. Looking back, Ro didn’t feel like he was coming out during his transition, but like he was coming home.


De Passage

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