Expo: We Are Passengers – Tinca Veerman

DE PASSAGE 00:00 Monday 01 April 2024 t/m Tuesday 30 April 2024

Throughout the month of April, artist Tinca Veerman presents the work ‘We Are Passengers’ in the passage at De Hallen. Five large-scale collage paintings, which hang high above the visitors. With the work, Veerman wants to make us aware of our position as ‘passengers’ in the world.

How do you relate to the world around you? That is the key question behind the work ‘We Are Passengers’ by Tinca Veerman. Especially for this exhibition, she made five double-sided collage paintings on semi-transparent pattern paper. The title refers to our role as ‘passengers’ in the world. We move through the world every day and see it in all its beauty and depravity. Veerman responds to what she sees by making colourful ‘landscapes’ full of contrasts and ambiguity. Visitors of De Hallen can recognize natural and unnatural elements in the works, darkness and tenderness. In passing, a narrative takes shape which reflects our condition as passenger in the world.

Music by Kramer

Producer and musician Kramer composed two pieces of music for ‘We Are Passengers’. Kramer is known for a.o. Gong and played with Butthole Surfers, Ween and Half Japanese and founder of the record label Shimmy-Disc. His cyclical compositions ‘Arriving‘ and Departing‘ translate the theme of the passenger, the constant coming and going in our lives and the accumulation of impressions that this entails.

1 – 30 April in the Passage in De Hallen


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