De KLOFFIE Markt 2.0 Festival

Save the date for De KLOFFIE Markt 2.0 Festival!

500m2 second-hand designers, vintage treasures, collector’s items, vintage streetwear.
This edition private sellers, collectors, second-hand designer shops and more will offer their curated collection! With this event we curate the largest womenswear and menswear market in Amsterdam.
De KLOFFIE Markt 2.0 Festival will be held in De Hallen Studio’s. De Hallen Studio’s is a characteristic space located in De Hallen Amsterdam.

Get your early bird ticket online and win the lottery. At the door you will receive a lottery ticket. The winner of this lottery will go home with a designer item.

Tickets can be purchased online or at the door.
Buy you early bird ticket via De KLOFFIE Markt Facebook event or on our website.

Early bird ticket: 5 EUR
At the door: 7,50 EUR

De Hallen Studio’s

+31(0)20 8208206