Expo: AWKWARD tufting work – Phlox van Oppen

BEELDEND GESPROKEN 00:00 Thursday 07 March 2024 t/m Thursday 06 June 2024

Kleinste Galerietje, Hannie Dankbaarpassage 23 in front of gallery Beeldend Gesproken

In 2022, Phlox van Oppen graduated cum laude from the Royal Academy of Art in The Hague, as a textile designer.
Being part of a generation, where recycling, upcycling, sustainability and other ecological terminology have become commonplace, she has been inspired by everyday materials that are often overlooked. Sustainable materials repurposed. Such as old fabrics or clothes, plastic bags and even lint she collected from the dryer.
Having lived in the largest female student house in the Netherlands with 36 girls, she found inspiration within the daily household, which led to conduct research on various materials, ecosystems, and waste on a continuous basis.

Phlox van Oppen lives and works in Amsterdam.

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