Fotolokaal De Hallen

A spacious room of 64 square meter, perfect for creative sessions like meetings, workshops, pop-up events and all kinds of presentations. In short, ideal for everyone in search of an inspirational location.

Meetings up to 14 person (during Covid up to 7 person)
Workshop up to 24 person (during Covid up to 12 person)
Presentations up to 36 person (during Covid up to 18 person)
Events up to 50 person (during Covid up to 20 person if allowed)

Beamer and screen
3x Magnetic whiteboard
Free thee, coffee, soda’s and snacks
Free notebooks and pens
Free Post-its and markers
Wifi internet

Coffee, tea, sodas and snacks – FREE
To keep you energie levels in check we pried a good base.
Freshly ground coffee of Lot Sixty One
Tea of Simon Levelt
Cans of soda
Healthy Snacks
Energie bars

Breakfast Buffet
6,95 per person
A healthy breakfast with fresh and local products.
Biological Yoghurt
Fresh fruit of the Ten Cate Market
Freshly pressed Orangejuice
Fresh croissants of Marqt
Biological confiture of Vlaams Broodhuijs

Lunch buffet
16,95 per person
For lunch we collaborate with restaurants nearby. On demand we can make an ideal vegetarian menu. For inspiration think of:
Korean buffet of ‘Seoul Food’
Mediterranean buffet of ‘Sarphaat’
Vietnamese buffet of ‘Viet View’



Fotolokaal De Hallen

Hannie Dankbaarpassage 15
1053 RT Amsterdam

De Kleine Passage

+31 (0) 6 526 38 380



  • Capacity 50 people
  • Size 64 m2
  • Facility beamer, magnetic whiteboard, notebooks and pens, post-its and markers, Wifi, coffee, tea, sodas and snacks
  • Hospitality breakfast or lunch