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Hotel De Hallen

Hotel De Hallen

Hotel De Hallen is an industrial designed four-star hotel with a terrace of 100 seats situated at the Bellamyplein. The hotel has a bar, restaurant, lobby, and meeting-room presence, and consists of 55 rooms. The meetingspace has room for max. 24 persons. Remise47, the restaurant, has 55 seats and the bar has 24. In the lobby there are several nice spots where you can sit down and order food and drinks. Catering options are negotiable.

Hotel De Hallen Lobby
Hotel De Hallen reception - bar
Hotel De Hallen: restaurant Remise47

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Over van deze locatie

Capacity: 24-155 persons
Event: Dinner, meeting
Facilities: Meals, projector in meeting-room
Horeca: hospitality and catering possible

Contact: 0031 (0)20 8208670

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