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Art gallery Beeldend Gesproken

Art gallery Beeldend Gesproken

Art Gallery Beeldend Gesproken has a beautiful bright gallery for modern art. The gallery is located directly on the historic passage on the ground floor. You are on all sides surrounded by art. If you want, we will give you and your guests a brief introduction about the current exhibition.

Galerie Beelend Gesproken
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Over van deze locatie

Capacity: 8 - 40 persons
Event: (art)performances, (art)workshops, meetings, parties, public events, training courses
Size: 92 m²
Facilities: audio-visual, piano, artistic environment, accessible for disabled people
Horeca: Coffee, tea, lunch, dinner etc. in our gallery if you like, but it's also just 10 steps away from one of the other bars/restaurants in De Hallen Amsterdam

Contact: 0031 (0) 20 309 0390

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