Brief description of the conservation work

Tram depot the Halls is a national monument and has historically been a closed enclave in the late nineteenth-century expansion of Amsterdam, characterized by long closed brick blocks with monumental facades facing the street, roofs with their slender frames and Polonceau rafters are remarkably The Halls is a traditional, functionalistic complex build for the maintenance of the first electric trams around 1900. The building was in a deplorable state. The challenge was to do a renovation according to the 21 century and to open en connect the building in his surroundings.

Our vision is that the functions within a building should follow their form, and how the wide range of facilities could be situated as appropriate as possible in the building. The future users were closely involved, to make the complex a magnet for people from all over the city, but also an area where users will work with pleasure.

Concise summary

Total 22.000m² of which 16.000 m² Movie halls,(9) TV studios,(2) library, hotel de Hallen, 2 restaurants , a food court, Passage, Craft center and small business and retailers, Gallery, Re-Cycle, House of Denim ,Kinki Academy, One Media, a Nursury Stay World Kids, Grand & Johnson  Under hall 1, 2 and 3 a car- and bicycle parking is realized (6.000 m²)

Total investment: 37.5 million of which 32.2 million building /construction and installation costs.

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