Hallenkwartier:  The future of a neighborhood in development
This prestigious 19th century neighborhood, right next to the City-center and the Jordan, is soon packed with unique shops, cafes and restaurants, a library, hotels and markets – which creates a fantastic place to spend a day, or two!

Shop Area: Hallenkwartier; 
The shops in the Hallenkwartier are popular by the distinctive and creative Dutch.
Even now you can shop here for fun,  buy a couple of (designer) shoes and do your groceries.
The Bilderdijkstraat sells almost all famous brands, while the Kinkerstraat has the quality-brands. In the Clercqstraat you find trendy cafes and restaurants. And in the Ten Kate Street and a little further the Jan Pieter Heijestraat you find appealing small boutiques with seductive windows. And then there is of course in the center of Het Hallenkwartier: De Hallen:  Center for Media, Culture, Fashion, Gastronomy and Crafts. The complex is housed in a former tramdepot, and has an imposing monumental passage.