The building

The passage

Life-blood of the Halls is the Passage that connects the Bilderdijkkade and Ten Kate Market together. The Passage consists of two parts: The first major section runs from the Ten Kate Market to Tollensstreet. The second smaller area is located in Hall 17, the extension (1908) of the former tram depot, and runs from the Tollensstreet to Bilderdijkkade.

The entrances of almost all users is at the Passage, except the hotel and nursery. The passage has a public function, the ideal place for special markets such as Local Goods, exhibitions, the red carpet for the movie halls or catwalk at fashion shows.

The tenants of the Halls
A  large diversity of tenants find their place in the Halls. During the development of this building the classification of the spaces are taken into account with the intended functions, in order to maintain the original state of the monument as much as possible.

Hall 1:
The Library: The library and their reading café “Belcampo” is the living room of the neighborhood.
Hotel the Halls: placed In line with Hall 1 has  a prominent entrance and terrace at Bellamy square side.
Onemedia: Right next to Hall 1 is the staircase and elevator from the parking garage to the workspaces of Onemedia which is housed on the first floor.

Hall 2:
Movie Halls: Next to the library you will find the  movie halls. A movie theater with a varied program that can be seen in three large and six smaller halls. In the movie halls the old Parisien Hall (1924) seen as world heritage and owned by family Desmet, is replaced. The initiators of the Movie Halls are the owners of the famous art deco movie center “The Movies.”

Hall 3:
Restaurant Lounge and Food Halls: This is one of the  oldest, most monumental and gift hall. Due to the public function and use, a second public axis is realized in addition to the main Passage. The Food Halls are on the side of the passage, the pub and restaurant Halte 3 and  Meat West are situated at the Bellamy square side. On this side is a spacious terrace.

Hall 4:
The TV studios. The studios are run by a professional team, NTVF Productions BV. Hall 4 has two studios on the ground floor and the production functions and offices on the 1st floor. Besides Tv programs this studio will be used for small events.

Hall 5:
The craft center. This hall provides space for varies crafts, a.o. an initiative of a number of companies who participated in the realization of the halls and who are concerned about the craftsmanship in construction. They want to bring their mentality closer to the youth Other companies in Hall 5 are the Denim Lab and the headquarters of Kinki hairdressers. Adjacent to Hall 5 at Bellamy square you find a nursery with its own playground and entrance managed by the company World Kids.

Hall 6:
Passage. Public space and access, entrances to the companies and organizations of The Halls. The Passage can be used for special markets such as Local Goods. In the Passage is also the entrance to a free bicycle parking.

Hall 7:
In hall 7 are several relatively small units, in which a diversity of creative tenants have settled down. Seen from Tollensstreet you find gallery and art rental “Beeldend Gesproken” ​​, followed by bike shop Re-Cycle, who also takes on the management of the bicycle parking. Next to Re-Cycle, the Jeans Academy, store  and Jean Archives from the owner Foundation House of Denim, managed by James Veenhof . Next to them , Kinki Academy and Youngbloods a training center to become a hairdresser and a place where your hair can be cut. At the Ten Kate Gate you find Grand & Johnson a designers company.

Parking and bicycle parking:
At the Bellamy square side, close to hotel de Hallen  is the entrance to the parking garage for 165 cars. In the Passage is also the entrance to a free bicycle parking, enough space for about 600 bicycles, including repair. The bicycle parking is guarded during the day and late in the evenings there is camera surveillance.

Altogether, the Halls is a dynamic mix of users involved. Users who find each other on aspects of cooperation in workplace training and multifunctional use of each other’s facilities. Our users have been integrated along ‘on planning and development, but there is also assumed a reversible, flexible construction.



Illustration from Parool by Jorris Verboon and Chantal van Wessel

Hall 17:
Hall 17 has Stadsherstel as “co-sponsor”.  The TROM Foundation has developed Hall 17, but Stadsherstel takes over further exploitation. Hall 17 has an entrance that is separated from the great halls and leads from the Bilderdijkkade to the Passage. This hall is the oldest hall and is known as the former “horse carriage.” It is functionally designed with preserving historic aspects.

Hal 17 doorsnede + gevelHal 17 plattegronden

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