Floating meringues, food of stone

Can an object of ceramics or a painting let you run the water in the mouth? Can you get the urge to eat something, just because the color evokes the association with something edible? Come and see the ceramic banquet from Odette Muijsers in het Kleinste Galerietje and judge for yourself. For this space Muijsers created a vision of sweet, tasty and beautiful food where you can glide your eyes over.

Food and everything related to it is a central theme in the work of visual artist Odette Muijsers. From the table to preparation methods and eating habits, the appeal of food and the fact that there is so much food in our daily lives, especially around the holidays. Sometimes it’s a challenge to deal with this properly. Muijsers starts with the question whether it is also possible to feel the satisfaction of eating, without actually putting anything in your mouth? ‘Simply’ by looking at a beautiful object. An object looks like food, but it is not. Sometimes this is very literal; a delicious glazed ceramic pie or a tasty pink ice cream of stone. How does the brain respond to color and light. Her fascination for the effect of texture and color and especially for certain color combinations are clearly reflected in her work, in which color plays an essential role.

Odette Muijsers (1973) graduated from the Gerrit Rietveld Academy in Amsterdam. After 3 years in the department of Audiovisual, she graduated with a number of large paintings. She continued to paint, but slowly working with ceramics was added. Currently she works mainly on paper and with clay. As she herself says, “ceramics gives me the freedom to convert my drawn images into reality, and conversely, the technique of glazing greatly enriches my drawing and painting.”

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