The Bluest Monday

Art enlightens in difficult times

Blue Monday, the third Monday in January, is the day when we feel the most unhappy.The holidays are over, it is cold, and nothing has come of the good intentions. Monday, January 17th, 2022 might just be The Bluest Monday ever. Society with all its crises and lockdowns weigh more heavily on our minds than ever. Art can help us in these times, according to art gallery Beeldend Gesproken and De Hallen. They therefore organize the corona proof art walk The Bluest Monday to promote our mental health in De Hallen in Amsterdam.

The Bluest Monday shows work by artist Jan Hoek, among others. In his comic Mental Superpowers, he researched whether a psychological disorder can also be regarded as a superpower. In addition, artist Irina Birger invites the visitor for a Blue Monday conversation. Tell “Dr. Birger’ how you are really doing, and she makes drawings that are an intuitive representation of your emotional world. There are also One Minutes about mental health and other artists who shed light on how we feel. The work of Ingrid Greijn, Sanna Martha and BOB ho-ho can also be seen during the art-therapy walk.

The work Blue Stories was created especially for The Bluest Monday. For this, six Amsterdammers were photographed and interviewed about how they are really doing, whether they are open about it to others, what corona does to them and what art means to them. You can hear their story on

The Bluest Monday will take place in De Hallen from the 17th to the 23rd of January. This corona proof art walk is free of charge.

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