The collection of Beeldend Gesproken grows monthly. For anyone looking for art with a story, our collection is a treasure chest full of stories. Beeldend Gesproken  asked two talented artists to create new work. Rinke Baaima and Astrid Oudheusden enrich our collection with works that feel like a diary that you can’t finish reading.

Astrid Oudheusden draws and paints to understand the world. She observes her fellow man in childlike amazement and tells clear stories in theatrical sets. She works on paper and large-format linen. When you walk through Oudheusden’s work, you walk through a recognizable world of scenes that already existed in the back of your mind. You recognize them from everyday life, captured at just the right moment. You can live in it and look at it every day!

Rinke Baaima makes the daily burden that everyone feels recognizable in form and image. In his paintings he reduces tight, architectural lines to forms in which we can recognize physical constructions. In Baaima’s imagination, these represent the immense carrying capacity that keeps us afloat.

Come see the new art at the gallery! You are welcome from April 8 to May 15. You can also Meet & Greet with Astrid and Rinke during this period.


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