SeeYou@Art exhibition ‘The Changing city’

Interaction between artists, the public and residents of the city is an important part of every exhibition organized by SeeYou@Art. It provides great conversations and interesting discussions. In this exhibition twelve contemporary artists will show various art forms inspired by this theme. On Saturday November 9th, we will show different types of art such as, art with flat glass, digital art, sculptures and photos at the Passage of De Hallen. Come have a look, meet the artists and participate in one of the activities.

The participating artists are:
Elena Rosa Caballero, Erik van Vugt, Evelien de Bruijn, Fleur Spolidor, Jim Gijbels, Linda Hartman, Lisanne Hoogerwerf, Lola Romance, Maria de Azcarate, Philo Ouweleen, Renate Beatrice Munneke and Roberto Voorbij.

Artists of various nationalities
In this edition Dutch and foreign artists are looking at Amsterdam in change, but also at the changes taking place in their country of origin. Gentrification is a process that takes place worldwide.


Workshop “Create your own city map”
During the exhibition it is possible to make your own city map of Amsterdam. The workshop is for all levels, and artist Pablo  Ponce will guide you in your creativity and teaches you all about these beautiful techniques. The workshop is on Saturday, November 9 from 2 p.m. to 5 p.m. at Galerie Beeldend Gesproken. Tickets of 35 euro per person for the workshop can be obtained by sending an email to:

De Passage

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