SeeYou@Art – Art at 1.5 meter

SeeYou@Art presents from June 13-20, 2020 a (digital) art exhibition on ‘Personal identity’.

Who am I? What Makes Me? How do I define myself?

These are questions that we do not normally ask ourselves, but that do surface more often in times of pandemic. Am I really an employee when I am away from the office, or am I a good neighbor or friend when I cannot visit? The corona virus raises a lot of questions about parts of your “personal identity”.

We are all puzzling with the new normal now. How do you adapt to the new situation and how do you adapt? In this exhibition 8 participating artists share; Victoria Soto Madrid, Evelien de Bruijn, Liselore van der Heijden, Khairzul Ghani, Nynke Brandsma, Sarah Dona Manev, Jeroen van Veen and Pam Wessels their ideas about “personal identity” and would you like to hear what the one and a half meter society does to you?

We believe that art is a very inspiring means of support and gathering and can offer new perspectives for dealing with each other and this reality.

Therefore we invite:

Twenty ordinary people from Amsterdam to experience exclusive and personal art in the Hallen Amsterdam!

How does it work?
On Saturday 13 June, the opening of the exhibition in De Hallen Amsterdam can only be visited by invitation. 10 invitees can each bring a guest. You will be welcomed by one of the artists with a nice drink and snack. Then you get a super-deluxe tour for two people through the exhibition. In this way, you can once again experience unabashedly physical art and talk to the artists present at a safe distance.

You can sign up via with a short motivation why we should invite you!

Enjoy the exhibition “Personal Identity” at home
No problem of course! You can see the exhibition and interviews with the artists and guests on Salto TV or via a live stream on our website and social media platforms. By means of 3D technology you can even take a unique walk through the exhibition.

De Passage

  • Monday 07:00 — 23:00
  • Tuesday 07:00 — 23:00
  • Wednesday 07:00 — 23:00
  • Thursday 07:00 — 23:00
  • Friday 07:00 — 03:00
  • Saturday 07:00 — 03:00
  • Sunday 07:00 — 03:00