SeeYou@Art  – Duurzaamheid dichterbij dan je denkt

The new edition of SeeYou @ Art will take place in De Hallen on Saturday 22 August. This time the exhibition is all about sustainability and local markets. During the exhibition 7 artists will give their vision on this theme.

Participating artists: Lies de Rooij, Hanna Kaprosh Ozlem Tas, Laurence Rivest, Femke Janssen, Inge Prins van Wijngaarden and Johanna von Oldershausen.

Sustainability is sometimes closer than you think. SeeYou @ Art connects local artists and entrepreneurs with people from the neighborhood. During the exhibition on August 22th, a number of local entrepreneurs from Amsterdam West are offering a one-time special offer.

Participating local entrepreneurs: The Makerstore, Coffee Company, Doppio, Bar Spek & Gekaapt.

Photography workshop Sculptor Bibi Altink takes you on a tour of the bustling Oud-West and teaches you the intricacies of photography. In pairs you work on a number of nice assignments. The results are exchanged and discussed and the most beautiful photo of each participant is printed. You can join with your phone or a camera. The workshop is on Saturday 22 August from 2 pm to 4 pm. You can register by emailing: Costs: € 35, –

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