Pride Photo Award 2019

Pride Photo Award, the first and only worldwide competition for photos on sexual and gender diversity, presents the 2019 winners in De Hallen Amsterdam. Evocative and though-provoking stories, both serious and playful, with a lot of humor.

Some highlights of the 2019 winning series:

  • The American transwoman Vaughan Larsen recreated photographs from the family album for her series Rites, placing herself in roles from which she is excluded in reality: as a bride, as a mother, as a soldier or as the center of her family at parties;
  • In the PLAY TOY series by South Korean photographer Seungwook YANG, action figures and dolls exuberantly make love: a hilarious series that refers to childhood in which we played all kinds of stories, including romantic ones;
  • Beautiful portraits of young men and a-gender people who make themselves as beautiful as possible for their online presence, with make-up to plastic surgery: Flower Beauty Boys by the French photographer Corinne Mariaud;
  • Colorful traditional wedding photos from Burma, where same-sex couples cannot get married, in the Burma Love series by Italian Chiara Luxardo;
  • LGBT gun owners in the US, where the organization Pink Pistol saw its membership tally triple after the shooting at the Pulse nightclub in Orlando: Concealed – Portraits of LGBTIQ Gun Owners by American photographer Blake Little

The exhibition features work by Anja Matthes (German), Blake Little (American), Carloman Macidiano Céspedes Riojas (Peruvian), Chiara Luxardo (Italian), Corinne Mariaud (French), Hotli Simanjuntak (Indonesian), Keiji Fujimoto (Japanese), Koen Suidgeest (Dutch), Marc Ohrem-Leclef (German), Micha Serraf (Zimbabwean), Mickey Aloisio (American), Nelson Morales (Mexican), Seungwook Yang (South Korean), Ugo Woatzi (French) and Vaughan Larsen (American).

The exhibition can be seen from Saturday 2 November to Sunday 1 December at De Hallen Amsterdam

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