Photo exhibition: Different Perspectives

Photo exhibition: Different Perspectives On display from 3 March to 10 April. With works by Irmlinda de Vries, Robert Jan Stokman, Tess Jungblut, Geo Oplaat, Mona Sokoot and En Eg.

“My aim is to create aspects of vulnerability and the power of flowers, among other things, to expose their skin, ie texture that is visible on the black-and-white photographs, in a way that the viewer feels while he views the image.” Irmlinda de Vries

“I started with a few experiments on my iPhone in 2014 and gradually found out that I could express myself well, and I discovered a personal way of photographing.” Robert Jan Stokman

“The subjects of my work are related to the way in which I develop as a human being among people – this is not static – new layers are constantly coming to light – that is why I do not have one subject in particular.” Tess Jungblut

“My favorite subject is flowers, I see flowers as a mirror of life, and transience enhances beauty.” Mona Sokoot “I do not see myself as a photographer but as an image maker, but the desire to be a child again, the need for playing and memories of … are at the basis of my world of ideas.” En Eg

Tip: In March En Eg gives a basic course on creative smartphone photography. In 4 Saturday afternoons, En teaches you to turn pictures into true works of art. And that with just your smartphone!

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