Nocknock art fair

From 25 to 28 August 2022, Nockknock Art is organizing a fair in the Netherlands with more than 60 artists this year! Where? De Hallen Studios, Hannie Dankbaarpassage 18 in Amsterdam. As we say: the event of the year.

This Art Fair is full of surprises, with a show; Art on the catwalk, collaborations with clothing brands, the latest catering start-ups, several charities, but also the VR and NFT world will not be missing. The artists will be present themselves to be able to tell you everything about their artistry and art.

Artists who participate include: Santiago Pani, Corine van Voorbergen, Grace Spiegel, Ward Strootman, Mo Cornelisse, Maryse Ceha, Bibi Smit, Daan Noppen, Nanda Hagenaars, Lois Schindeler, Nicolette Bernard and much more!

De Hallen Studio’s

+31(0)20 8208206