Margreet Dolman Brings Spring and Pastor Gremdaat Brings Joy

Margreet Dolman and Dominee Gremdaat are coming to De Hallen this spring. Due to the restrictive corona measures, the traditional winter performance by Paul Haenen and Dammie van Geest did not take place this year. Fortunately, the spring performances can be continued next March. This year in De Hallen Studios!

The performances by Margreet Dolman and Dominee Gremdaat have been a great success for almost thirty years. This cheerful spring performance celebrates the regained freedom. Reverend Gremdaat gives a flaming speech so that you can look to the future with confidence and Margreet Dolman, with doctor Valentijn by her side, will once again go wild with chansons, stories and candid conversations.

The performances can be attended from March 1 to 5, and March 8 to 10, 2022.

De Hallen Studio’s

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