Intimate Portraits: Mediterranean

Intimate Portraits is a series of performances that will take place on a monthly basis. During these evenings, the audience will have the opportunity to see special dance performances that reflect on the melting pot/salad bowl of Amsterdam residents. Each evening lasts about an hour and in most cases consists of two or three pieces that match the theme of the evening.

This edition: Meditterranean, with:
– Klevis Elmazaj & Paola Ghidini
– Samantha van den Doel
– Ahmad Joudeh


– Klevis Elmazaj & Paola Ghidini – GONEWORDS

A soldier falls in love with a local girl. The story of cultural differences between two people of different backgrounds, different believes, different countries. Fighting for understanding and acceptance in a love duet that touches different aspects of this relationship, very present in today’s reality!

Klevis is an Albanian choreographer, storyteller and dancers who works internationally for dance companies, opera productions, musicals and films. His work has been selected and received awards in various competitions among many Burgos/New York International Choreographic Competition (1st, 2nd Prize), Belgrade Choreographic Competition & YAGP New York, as well as being performed in stages across Europe. As a dancer he has worked with a variety of choreographers and productions, performing in the UK, The Netherlands, Spain, Italy, Taiwan, Qatar, Abu Dhabi, Kuwait.

Trained in both ballet and contemporary dance, he has influenced his movement with other styles like acrobatics, hip hop, flamenco, which created a more versatile movement vocabulary. Graduated at Rambert School in London, UK, he has worked since as a freelance artist under the vision to inspire audiences worldwide.

Paola is a dancer, dance teacher and movement coach, originally from Italy. She started her ballet training at very young age; her studies brought her in many cities in Italy, like Florence and Milan, and abroad, Cannes, Paris, London, New York and Amsterdam, which is also the city where she is based, working as freelancer since 2014. As a dancer, she performed in classical, neoclassical, modern and contemporary productions, as well as musicals and operas in Italy, the Netherlands, Spain, Germany and across Europe.

Together with her career as a dancer, her passion concerns the world of theater in general. In recent times she is resuming studies begun in the past and as well actively creating, with the aim of expanding her knowledge and enter the work field of costumes and sets design.

– Ahmad Joudeh & Samantha van den Doel

END/LESS – by Fernando Dominguez
Relationships have the tendency to change. When a person grows his or her interests apart from the other, it is almost like signing the end of a contract. End/Less is a duet that expresses how a couple fights against this situation. How much is it needed to be forgiven in order to continue? It reflects about any kind of relationship. The personal story of Ahmad Joudeh will be linked as well as an inspirational motor for this creation.

The choreography will be developed within the ‘sphere system’ which Dominguez has developed in the past five years. With this system, the movements will explore the technical background of the dancers, with a sense of three-dimensional and circular/spiral movements, which will make an appealing and special dance duet.

Ahmad Joudeh was born in Damascus in 1990 as a stateless refugee. Under the civil war, he experienced life-threatening situations, his home was destroyed, and he lost five family members. After witnessing a child killed in a battle, he started working for children orphaned in the war,  joining activities of SOS Children’s Villages Syria: holding dance shows for fundraising and dance workshops for orphans at their villages. Because of his dance activities, he received constant threats from extremists. As a response, he had the words “Dance or Die” tattooed on the back of his neck, the spot where a blade would fall in decapitation. For Ahmad Joudeh, to dance is to exist. To give up dancing was not an option.

In August 2016, Ahmad Joudeh’s struggle in Syria was reported in a news program on Dutch National Television. Touched by the story, The Dutch National Ballet organised The Dance For Peace Fund, which invited Ahmad Joudeh to The Netherlands. In October 2016, Ahmad Joudeh moved to Amsterdam. Since 2017, he has been internationally active as an artist with Amsterdam as the base. He has also been contributing to events for raising awareness of the refugee situation. In November 2018, Ahmad Joudeh published his autobiography “Danza o Muori (Dance or Die)”. In September 2019, SOS Children’s Villages International appointed Ahmad Joudeh as its  International Friend. In November 2019, a documentary film “Dance or Die” by Roozbeh Kaboly about the life of Ahmad Joudeh won one of 2019 International Emmy® Awards, one in the category of Arts Programming.

Samantha van den Doel studied dance at CODARTS Rotterdam Dance Academy in Rotterdam, where she was trained with dances of prominent contemporary choreographers, including Hans van Manen, Jiří Kylián, Ton Simons, and Itzik Galili.

After the graduation in 2011, she has been active as a freelance dancer and a teacher of classic ballet. She has also been involved in various dance projects in The Netherlands. She has been Ahmad Joudeh’s dance partner since he moved to The Netherlands in 2016.


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