Intimate Portraits: Forever young

Intimate Portraits is a series of performances that will take place on a monthly basis. During these evenings, the audience will have the opportunity to see special dance performances that reflect on the melting pot/salad bowl of Amsterdam residents. Each evening lasts about an hour and in most cases consists of two or three pieces that match the theme of the evening.

This month:
– Patricia Bardi & Alex Maguire
– Liat Waysbort

 Premiere of a new Vocal Dance and Music Performance with Patricia Bardi and Alex Maguire
This performance is being created and will be shown for the first time on 22 November for the Intimate Portraits Series. Dance/voice artist Patricia Bardi and Pianist Alex Maguire create performances that build bridges and dismantle boundaries between movement, text, voice and music. They allow room for the unexpected to emerge while creating finely tuned and evocative atmospheres of emotion, memory and image. Their collaboration having evolved over many decades breathes and pulsates with a seamless anticipation, uncanny inventiveness with a capacity to inspire and transform their interaction at times both edgy and poignant. They have performed throughout Europe including the UK, Netherlands, Germany and Italy.

Patricia Bardi
Patricia Bardi is an independent dance/voice artist, educator, researcher, bodywork specialist, licensed natural health practitioner and somatic movement educator/therapist. She is  originally from New York and based in Amsterdam. Patricia has toured extensively, teaching and performing at international festivals, universities and theater schools throughout Europe, North America, Japan and India. She is the founder/director of the accredited certification program – VMI Somatic Practice combining Vocal Dance, Voice Movement Integration Practice and Vital Movement Integration Bodywork that she founded over 25 years ago, centered in Amsterdam. She is a founding member of the School for Body-Mind Centering (USA) and London’s Chisenhale Dance Space. She has received a London Arts Choreographer Award and conducted research on North Indian vocal music in India sponsored by the Arts Council of Great Britain. Bardi has presented her work on voice and movement and somatic practice at London’s Royal Central School of Speech and Drama, Netherland National Centre of Performing Arts, Body Brain and Cognition Conference, Oxford University and most recently at the Voice and Somatics Symposium at East 15 in London. Recently she contributed a chapter in the book Somatics Voices in Performance Research and Beyond published by Routeledge.

Alex Maguire
Alex Maguire is a British pianist of modern jazz and free improvisation music and a forensic music therapist. He remembers improvising at the piano before he received any lessons, which began at the age of eight. He studied music at the University of London and gained a BA degree; he also took lessons from Wanda Jeziorska, Andrew Ball, and Howard Riley. He names as his inspiration a number of respected figures in the free improvising scene, such as Tony Oxley and Evan Parker, as well as jazz players Cecil Taylor and Eric Dolphy. Maguire says he is interested in ‘pre-literate music, anything original rather than imitative (irrespective of idiom)’. He has studied with classical composers John Cage and Michael Finnissy and his arsenal of techniques and figures, which stretch from avant garde classical piano to jazz, from kwela to R&B, has made him much in demand. His sympathy as an accompanist is only matched by his imagination and is frequently humorous He has worked with Tony Oxley’s Celebration Orchestra and Sean Bergin’s MOB groups, and toured with his own nine-piece, the Cat O’ Nine Tails, featuring drummer Louis Moholo and saxophonist Alan Wilkinson.

Please me Please – Liat Waysbort / Bitter Sweet Dance

Our bodies are human.
Our bodies get older.
Our bodies show the signs of time.
Our aging is an irreversible process but yet we are worthwhile being watched.

  • Liat Waysbort

The dynamic, warm, strong physical and slightly absurd work of choreographer Liat Waysbort always has a social layer. With the diptych Please me Please, she takes a closer look at our urge to please. In the first part, a solo, we see Ivan Ugrin. He is young, energetic and gifted. He depicts the perfect male dancer and uses all his qualities to seduce and satisfy the audience. But as time goes on, the perfect picture shows cracks. Doubt seeps through his actions, through his sensual presentation and his own perspective on his body. He transforms from dominant man to submissive woman, from ballerina to porn star and lets us guess who he is.

In the second part, we see two older dancers aged 60 and 66. Their bodies have history in them, they are self-aware and self-assured and they want to be appreciated for their qualities and not for their age. But they end with the troubling and undefined standards that ‘the elder’ must meet. Fragile and powerful, sharp and explosive, physical and tender, Please me Please stretches our definition of beauty.

Liat Waysbort
Liat Waysbort studied ballet, modern dance and hip-hop in Tel Aviv and started her professional career with Batsheva Dance Company. She worked there with, among others, Ohad Naharin, William Forsythe and Wim Vandekeybus. In 2006 she obtained her Master Choreography in Rotterdam. She made various short and full-length choreographies that could be seen at home and abroad. She has also created work for dance companies such as Dansgroep Krisztina de Châtel, Conny Janssen Danst and De Meekers / Maas Theater en Dans. In 2012, she was nominated for the Prize of the Dutch Dance Days 2012. Ivan Ugrin’s solo was awarded the audience prize at the Platform HR festival (Zagreb, Croatia).

Choreography: Liat Waysbort
Dancers: Ivan Ugrin, Amy Gale and Angela Linssen
Dramaturgy: Annette van Zwoll
Producer: BitterSweet Dance
Co-producer: Dansmakers Amsterdam, Dansateliers Rotterdam
Executive producer and sales: Hit Me Productions

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