Twenty-eight artists from Amsterdam and Friesland respond with new work to the InsideOut Panorama by Baukje Spaltro, commissioned by the Leeuwarden Cultural Capital in 2018.

InsideOut THE WORLD INSIDE is the second phase of InsideOut Panorama in which Spaltro wants to generate more awareness about our psyche through art. As an artist and expert by experience, Spaltro emphasizes the power of people experiencing mental health problems.

In the weeks prior to the exhibition, artists had the opportunity to work, meet and discuss their work in progress. The exhibition InsideOut THE WORLD INSIDE shows how, especially during the corona crisis, art can be a connecting factor.

With work by: Yaïr Aa, Greta Akkermans-de Wit, Anne Marie Baljé, Walter Bosman, Steven van den Broeke, Marian Buis, Angelique Gijsbertse, Carel Harkema, Kare, Mar-Grietje Killian, Roos van Lierop, Cinthia Ottens, Anneke van der Plas-Koudijs, Yaron Poelman, Helen Roeten, Marcel Schuurman, Manola Sint Jago, Marijn de Jong, Judith Noorman, Carla van Slooten, Fokke Stastra, Svetlana Tiourina, HFvan Steensel, Bauke van de Heide, Marjan van der Wal, Johanneke Veeningen, Ina Verhoeff and Helga Witteveen.

InsideOut – The Legacy by Inge Willems is a documentary about the creation process of InsideOut Panorama with stories from participants. The documentary is part of the exhibition.


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