‘Hyggelige’ holidays with Herr Nilsson!

During the last exhibition of 2018 Ellen Honig takes you on an adventure with Herr Nilsson during the most wonderful time of the year!

The wooden monkey, Herr Nilsson, plays the leading role on all Ellen’s photos and is very well known in Denmark and comparable to Nijntje here in the Netherlands. Kay Bojesen, a Danish silversmith and designer, created the original wooden monkey in 1951.

Ellen: “From the moment I saw the Kay Bojesen monkey for the first time, when I visited my Danish friend Maibritt in Copenhagen, I wanted to have one.”

She received her first monkey as a gift from her husband in the autumn of 2014, since then Herr Nilsson has been traveling everywhere with her. Ellen posts adventures of the monkey on her Instagram account every day. The monkey is a busy bee, ice-skating in a typically Dutch landscape, on the road with huskies in Sweden, skiing or picking out a Christmas tree with one of his family members. His adventures during this ‘cozy’ December month can be seen in the Passage of De Hallen Amsterdam! The theme of the exhibition is ‘Hygge’ (pronounced ‘huu-gu’), the Danish word for cozy.

It represents the Danish mentality for life: enjoying the things that really matter like quality time with family. Unlike in many other languages (such as ‘gezelligheid’ in Dutch), hygge in Danish is a verb, meaning Danish people actively take part in creating and enjoying hygge.

Think of: a crackling fire, candles, hot drinks, cooking and eating together, reading a book under a blanket on the couch, a walk in the woods, and playing board games. Even taking the time to hang out laundry together can be considered to be ‘hyggey’. The theme of the exhibition fits with the start of the winter and the holidays perfectly!

The exhibition can be admired until the end of December!

De Passage

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