Photo exhibition Feeling persons

On April 4, the photo exhibition Feeling persons opens in De Hallen in Amsterdam West. For this series, photographer Merijn Roubroeks (36) captured the feelings that are hidden inside people.

As a photographer and therapist, Roubroeks wants to show that feelings can just be and that a feeling doesn’t have to be hidden away.
“Feelings may be there at home, on the streets, or now in front of you at this particular location. Feeling is what makes us human”, says Roubroeks.

We see as we are
Various feelings are shown in the photo exhibition. “Viewers can experience for themselves which feelings the exhibition evokes in them,” says Roubroeks. “Which feelings are
perceived can be different for every person. We don’t see things as they are, we see things as we are”.

Photographer and therapist
Roubroeks has many years of experience as a professional photographer. People are central to his work. This is also the case in his practice ( which he opened in 2018.
As a therapist & counselor/coach, he shares his love and compassion for people.

The exhibition Feeling persons will be opened on Thursday 4 April at 7 p.m. in De Hallen. The exhibition can be seen here throughout the month of April.

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