Foto-expositie ‘De Hallen of Fame’

De Hallen first opened its doors five years ago. Since then it has been a place where everyone feels at home and welcome, and where the connection with the past is still visible. In addition to a library, restaurants and cinema, the former GVB tram workshop contains many young start-ups and companies with social workshops. People from all corners of society are given the opportunity to work on their future here. De Hallen is therefore a good example of how commercial and social enterprises can exist together and reinforce eachother.

With the exhibition “De Hallen of Fame” we want to thank all visitors, employees, neighbours and regular guests. They are largely responsible for the success of the past five years. For “De Hallen of Fame” ten people with a passion for the neighbourhood and a special personal story are portrayed. From former GVB employee Louis (72) and the Iranian Milad (33) to the young bike coach Mac (5).

The exhibition was created and compiled by photographer Daniel Cohen in collaboration with De Hallen and LEWIS Amsterdam. Daniel is a celebrated portrait photographer who has previously captured people like Kendrick Lamar, Erykah Badu and Eberhard van der Laan. After successful exhibitions, Daniel’s latest work, bundled as “De Hallen of Fame”, can be admired for a month and, as a neighbour of De Hallen, he is extra proud of it.

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