First Fridays Dance: LOCO! en The Red Queen


with Tappin-It Collective

LOCO! is an explosive dance performance about uncontrollable neuroses and complete insanity. Four tapdancers unload their overflowing energy in unorthodox rhythms and go on a search along the many definitions of madness and the absurdity of everyday rituals. A unique combination of tap, percussion and physical theatre.

The Red Queen

Two species that co-evolve will oscillate in a power struggle, continually pushing each other to adapt in response to a shift in the status quo. With time, it can appear that nothing has changed, they remain equal, yet

huge amounts of ‘resources’ have been used to evolve new characteristics as neither one is able to remain stagnant in fear of extinction. This evolutionary ‘arms-race’ is seen outside of the natural realm also. Evolution

through natural and sexual selection has given rise to an incredible array of variation in life. Pushing all life to the extremes, including humans. How could we escape it? How can we learn from it? We’ve effectively ‘stepped out of’ the food chain, can we equally eject ourselves out of the race? Or are we fated to fall victim to this tenacious phenomena?

Dance and choreography: Luke Jessop and Anna Karenina Lambrechts

Production: ION TRIBE

Tickets: € 11,00


Café Belcampo

+31(0)20 3032886



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