Exhibition ‘Facets of Tangier’

Tangier is a mood. There’s no Eiffel Tower or Rijksmuseum, its attraction has to do with being there. At the top of Africa, with a view of Europe, its back to the desert and its toes in the sea (one foot in the Mediterranean, the other in the Atlantic), Tangier is also a place of borders. Across a narrow strip of sea lies another country, another culture, another continent. Two worlds, yet with deep connections – reaching back to the time of

Al-Andalus. You can taste it in the food, hear it in the music. And today, Tangier is on the move. Fresh investment has brought the city a new skyline, new suburbs, a new port and a high-speed train. In former farming villages on the outskirts not-yet-occupied buildings rise.

‘Facets of Tangier’ captures the mood of Tangier and takes you there. This is a preview of a photobook and photo exhibition which will be launched in the 2019-2020 cultural season in the Netherlands and Morocco. Book and exhibition are an idea of the Amsterdam Andalusian Orchestra –which draws on the rich musical heritage of Al-Andalus, in partnership with ROSE Stories, which encourages the telling of untold stories, new visions and insights. They present an homage to the soul of Tangier, tell the story of daily life –of the dreams, the pleasures and also the struggles –of one of Morocco’s most vibrant cities.

‘Facets of Tangier’ can be seen until June 30th!

De Passage

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