Exposition Tim Mastik @ Unobvious

From Saturday 16 February 2019, Tim Mastik (1986) will be exhibiting new work for three months in the creative studio Unobvious store in Amsterdam. The works consist of tape, (plexi) glass and paper. Especially for the exhibition at Unobvious he also made a limited edition silkscreen print. All works are for sale.

Tim Mastik
Tim has as inspiration an almost obsessive focus in his work on form, repetition and material. By analyzing the subject, playing with rhythm, symmetry and asymmetry, he creates unexpected dynamics between color and form. Geometry and minimalism are important themes in his designs. His works are characterized by an apparent simplicity in form and a sense of detail. The process is essential; experiment on materiality plays a major role in this, creating its own texture and depth.

Unobvious is a collaboration of Suzan Krabben, Edwin Hanssen and Mark van Hooff. Three creative professionals with individual skills who have found synergy in this collaboration. They collaborate on creative concepts on the cutting edge of graphic design, styling and product design. Some examples of realized projects are the revitalization of the collection and the rebranding for Balacron covers, the organization and campaign design for Festival Designkwartier in The Hague and an interior design project for Cognizant Laboratories in Amsterdam.

On the ground floor of the Unobvious studio you will find the shop, where you can buy our own designed Riso prints and postcards, besides objects from mainly Dutch designers and of course the work of Tim Mastik. Unobvious can be found at the Little Passage.

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