Exhibition ‘Thuisland’

DE PASSAGE 09:00 until 20:30 Monday 01 March t/m Sunday 30 May

This installation was specially devised for the space in the Kleinste Galerietje (Smallest Gallery). Thuisland (Homeland) by Erna van Sambeek was conceived in a period when we are all slightly displaced, just like the porcelain egg made in Jingdezehen, the porcelain city of China. Hidden in the shaft of the Hallen, the egg, as a globe, is a metaphor for ‘home’ and security.

Visual artist Erna van Sambeek (Texel, 1956) lives and works in Amsterdam. She is fascinated by people, cultures, local crafts and the man-nature connection. In her work, she uses different materials, often textiles. Her choice of material is always directly related to the idea for a work; together they determine the content of the work. Van Sambeek attended the Churchill Art Academy in Victoria, Australia and the Gerrit Rietveld Academy in Amsterdam.

De Passage

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