Expositie ‘Rainshelter’

This month, photographer Jaap Vork exhibits with his photo series ‘Rainshelter’ in the Passage of De Hallen.

For his personal work, Jaap likes to search for stories on the street. The ‘Rainshelter’ series shows random people taking shelter for the weather. Normally one wouldn’t like to be huddled up with strangers, but when the rain comes, this principal is mostly thrown overboard. After all, no one likes to walk around with soaked pants.

The rain also affects the general mood of the people in the shelter. Minor irritations appear and will rapidly be imposed to a fellow shelterer. The huddle of people creates the perfect atmosphere to vent all frustrations build up during the day.

This series consists of numerous people, all with their own motives, values and stories. We will never be able to find out the background of these stories, which makes it even more interesting to let your fantasy on the roll and imagine this yourself. After all, the human imagination is the highest form of art!

De Passage

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