Exhibition ‘PR:OUD’

A sparkling tribute to the beauty, resilience and (self-)knowledge of old age.

Powerful images of elderly are rare.

“They” generally come in two flavors. With hunched back, cane and a worried expression on their face, or enjoying the view on some mountain top with a full head of hair and a radiant smile. The message of those images is obvious: aging is a tedious affair, and successful aging is only achieved by keeping up a youthful appearance. This age bias permeates every corner of our society. It effects the way we feel about ‘growing older’ and it defines one half of our society as pitiful and less valuable than the younger other half. It’s high time for a change!


From March 6 to the end of April, initiator Micaela Bartels and photographer Sevilay Maria van Dorst show a completely different vision of what it means to be old. Their images explicitly highlight the beauty, resilience and (self-)knowledge of our elders. The exhibition marks the start of a national campaign. Under the motto ‘PR:OUD – grow old with us’, the duo tackles the ingrained yet outdated stereotypes about old age.

The accompanying coffee table book is available on site at The Maker Store, Boekhandel Hoogstins and via