Exhibition – Love, attention and craft in Hovers City

Designer and artist Floris Hovers (1976) has built up a colorful, playful and surprising oeuvre over the past sixteen years with a completely unique signature. He designs products, toys, furniture and unique items as well as autonomous work, such as the bottle boats, the archetoys, the shelf furniture and the stick lamp.

In his designs he invites you time and again to his almost perfectly simple world, where there is plenty of room for your own imagination. Playful and improvising, just like in his youth, he searches for the essence, the archetypal form, in which color and composition are leading, as well as a balance in function and aesthetics. He himself calls this the “evaporation” of the excess. A long process of reduction in which knowledge and intuition go hand in hand, as well as human craft and machine.

The city, which he made especially for the Smallest Gallery in De Hallen, also has its recognizable color and form language. Where somewhat basic, simple approach to techniques and materials are important.

Come by and let yourself be carried away by these buildings. With their clear, almost iconic shapes, they refer to what was. A world of disarming simplicity that tickles the imagination.

De Passage

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