Exhibition Keep The Flame

The exhibition KEEP THE FLAME is the result of a special collaboration between Stichting Mantelzorg & Dementie and Galerie Beeldend Gesproken.

More than 30 participants with dementia and their carers attended creative workshops this autumn led by the artists: Svetlana Tiourina, Anne-Marie Baljé and Kristien van der Kuil. They met weekly at Galerie Beeldend Gesproken. In addition, Andy Bruce talked to participants about what really matters to them and what art means to them. Based on these conversations, he made an audio composition.

The aim of the workshops was to exchange, express, give meaning and have fun for the participants. In addition, the workshops and the exhibition form a platform for sharing experiences with a wide audience. The workshops and the exhibition want to contribute to a (dementia) friendly society.

Beeldend Gesproken

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