Exhibition ‘Het laatste Avondmaal’

Mathisse Arendsen thinks in color and image. As a dualist, he uses this basic principle in both technology and themes. His images are telling a lot. The whole is not the sum of the parts, but the contrasting of extremes in form and color. The image is therefore free for interpretation to the viewer with the discussion as objective. His paintings offer the viewer a key to the subconscious mind.

Because he is of the opinion that as a visual artist he should not immediately limit himself to a single style or character of images, but before specializing must go as many paths as possible, he has deepened some twenty styles and the associated techniques over the years. .

In the exhibition Het laatste avondmaal (The Last Supper) he makes the link between biblical stories and comparable current situations such as refugee flows, mass hysteria, cruelty to other people, rejection of dissenters, etc. At the same time, he used this series to conduct color research.

Mathisse Arendsen is a visual artist, writer of short stories, novels and poems and teacher of drawing and painting.


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