The Classification Quartet

BEELDEND GESPROKEN 12:00 until 17:00 Tuesday 28 September t/m Sunday 31 October

Artist P.J. Bruyniks investigates for the Klasse Quartet together with two artists from Beeldend Gesproken H.F. van Steensel and Noortje van Kamer and Tijmen Schlundt-Bodien which different classifications exist in the art world. Amateur, professional, outsider art, high art, low art. Do these classifications exist to create overview or as a means to dominate? And, who is actually responsible for determining a classification?

For The Classification Quartet, the gallery of Beeldend Gesproken has been converted into an artist studio where the artists work on the growing exhibition and on 3D objects belonging to the classification quartet.

Does the collaboration create equality in inspiring each other, and what does this mean? Will the work remain individual or will a Gesamtkunstwerk be created together with visitors?

During this working period we invite you to participate; you can watch the artists at work; enter into the conversation and thus contribute to the exhibition.

The end result will be festively presented on 30 October at 4 pm. In addition, there are three workshops on October 28, November 18 and December 9.

Times and more information at Beeldend Gesproken

The Classification Quartet is part of Depend on Me, a research project by artist Marieke Zwart in which she links professional artists to amateurs and in this way investigates how both groups influence each other.

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