Exhibition ‘Hanging Around’

DE PASSAGE 09:00 until 23:00 Thursday 08 December 2022 t/m Friday 31 March 2023

A unique work of ceramic detergent bottles and food, a colorful harvest of the recent years. Designer Foekje Fleur and visual artist Odette Muijsers, they both have a fascination for color, texture and material and make ceramics from everyday objects, where they play with proportions and expectations. The matte and glossy glazes are truly appealing and the objects create a playful impression, but underneath lies another, more serious story.

Odette Muijsers works a lot with food; tasty ice creams, that make you want to take a bite, glossy shiny lemons, bottles of lemonade and orange pumpkins. Food, eating behavior and everything around it is a common thread in her work. Food as something to hold on to, security, longing for the past, but also as a symbol of struggle, the not always simple relationship with food. For Foekje Fleur, there is a serious story hidden behind the delicate, matt porcelain vase; that of environmental pollution and waste problems. The bottle vases that are in the Kleinste Galerietje are from her Bottle Vase Project. A sustainable project with which she has gained international fame and wants to create awareness for the growing problem of the Plastic Soup. The vases are inspired by a collection of plastic waste that Fleur found along the River Maas in her hometown Rotterdam. During her search, she found rubbish dating back to the 1960s!

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