Heleen van Deur
Sculptures of handmade and used paper and mixed media.

Willy Felice
Oil painting on gold-leaf, copper and silver incorporated with Arabic poetry.

In this exhibition ‘Secrets’ the subtle and calming sculptures of Heleen van Deur form an interesting play with the colourful vibrant work of Willy Felice. Both artists live and work in Amsterdam’s Nieuwmarkt area. They recognize each other in their approach to art, their way of working and in their themes and ideas. Especially the idea of the value of secrets, whether real or fantastical, that make up our inner world and that these could be hidden in their work.

For this exhibition Heleen van Deur made sculptures experimenting with and reconstructing old handwritten letters, transcripts, manuscripts, and diaries. Willy Felice made oil paintings inspired by Arabic culture and architecture. With this imaginative work the viewer has space to associate in connection with his or her own secrets.

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