Exhibition ‘APART Together’

BEELDEND GESPROKEN 12:00until17:00 Wednesday 14 July t/mMonday 23 August

APART Together shows recent work that Karen van Noort & Steven van den Broeke made together over the past few years. The artists met fifteen years ago and have artistically influenced and encouraged each other ever since. The result can be seen in this exhibition where several works are shown for which they painted the canvas together. In addition, there are also individually made paintings by both artists. The title of the exhibition refers to the mutual differences and similarities. For example, Steven van den Broeke originally developed a classic, figurative style that was later influenced by the abstraction in the work of Karen van Noort.

Karen: ”I have a background as a monumental designer and scenographer and in recent years I made only autonomous paintings. I paint about my feelings using abstract figures and environments. My work is often about my inner life and about image of women, self-image and identity. Sources of inspiration for me are also the materials and the patchwork technique I work with. At the exhibition I show several series, in addition to the joint work with Steven.”

Steven van den Broeke has only painted abstractly in recent years. His meeting with Karen and her work inspired him to try small-format canvas abstraction. “I don’t work completely non-figuratively. I also still make figurative portraits that also appear in the exhibition. Karen and I are different but we also have a lot similarities. The result of working together on a canvas is a connection of two worlds like I’ve never seen before.”

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